Monthly Archives: December 2015


Happiness, what a concept.  We all seek it on a daily basis, and we all achieve it, albeit in smaller increments than some of us would want.  In my continuing quest for happiness….not helped by pharmaceuticals or through illegal means, I again pick this topic for today’s blog.

When I started this blog about seven years ago now, I had all sorts of stuff to throw out into cyber-world.  I labeled it back then a “cathartic purging.”  It must have helped because at some point last year, I just plain ran out of stuff to write about.  I guess the happy pill, aforementioned pharmaceutical help, keeps me pretty even.  This “even” feeling keeps me from getting really pissed about a political matter and adversely really sad about something… more roller coaster.

I can hear you applauding to my chemical balance and I thank you.  I may not be as funny as I used to be, but I still search for that elusive thing called happiness.  Being “even” is a far stretch from feeling joy, but I have the belief that joy awaits me.  (please don’t post a note about finding Jesus, I get it brings you happiness, I really do)

My holiday wish for you all is to find your happy spot…to feel joy and happiness in things and people you surround yourself with…to feel joy in those small moments of life I have written about before on this site.  Even if you are as low as a snake’s stomach as you read this…there are moments of life’s beauty around you today, open your eyes and truly see them.  Some are very small and fleeting, their beauty and perfection are too great to last more than a minute or so.  Ever had a PERFECT minute?  I have.

I did something really shitty to someone in June of 2014.  I have apologized and received forgiveness, although the hurt will never leave and my pain of having  done it to the person still persists.  The love remains too, on another level, but it is steadfast.  I add this to today’s blog because I think that person has found happiness again on different levels….big and small moments.  Put one step in front of the other and happiness will find you again….that makes me happy too.

I have learned the art of patience in the last two years.  I am a type “A” person that has embraced my ability to be patient.  Some of us have to wait to find happiness after it eludes us.  I am preaching to myself today…because I relish every day in the small, fleeting perfect moments, and I know the ultimate prize of life-long happiness awaits me, if I just work on myself and let it come to me.

Happiness likes happy people….kind of a catch-22 for sure.  Haven’t you seen nauseatingly happy people that happy stuff just kept happening to?  Some people might stand on the street in front of my house, look in and say “Enough already, you whiner!!”  I get that.  It’s okay for me and you to want the brass ring of life.  Whether you find that peace and true happiness in faith or the warm hug of a loved-one…we all should go for it.

I choose happiness.  I have figured out what brings me joy.  I have figured out my future and the happiness I see that will envelope me….I am working hard to achieve it and being patient until it happens.

“Enjoy every sandwich.”  Warren Zevon in response to a question from David Letterman.  He was reflecting on his life before his cancer diagnosis and in finding happiness.

I am getting dizzy on the carousel, but as it rounds another corner, I can see the sparkle of that shiny ring….I am leaning out and my right arm is extended to grab it.  Until my fingers take it, I think I will go have me a ham and cheese on wheat.  Thanks Warren.