His Name Is Noah Pozner.

NoahPoznerThis is Noah Pozner, forever six because of the unspeakable madness of Friday, December 14, 2012. A news reporter prompted me to write this blog on this very sad Sunday. He looked into the camera and asked if the viewers remember the killers’ name in the Columbine killings of 13 years ago. Two names quickly came to my mind, which I refuse to put in this blog. The reporter then asked if I, the viewer, remembered just ONE of the victims’ names at Columbine. My stomach tightened and I felt personal disgust, at the realization that I could not come up with a name. Then it hit me, that is the ONE reason this American shame continues.

The sick aggressors’ names are rattled off on the evening news as each mass shooting occurs. The next murderer wants his name in that infamous club. It has to STOP. This plague on our country has to stop with tighter restrictions on gun control. Personally, I would like to see a three-month training course and psychological evaluation given to anyone that wants to own a handgun. This blog, however, is not about my personal stance on a hot button political topic. I know that is odd coming from me, but today is about names. It is about the FACT that I am going to erase the killer’s name in Newtown, CT. from my memory. It is also a FACT that I am going to remember forever another name, that of one of the victims.

As I read online this morning, the list of victims in the shooting in Newtown, I closed my eyes and made a vow. I was going to pick one of the victims and remember them…truly remember that they existed on this earth…for the rest of my existence on this earth. One of the names was going to be inprinted on my psyche, along with a smiling face. Forevermore, when someone mentions Newtown, CT., I am going to associate it with the smile of a six-year-old boy. His name is Noah Pozner.

I am not related to Noah Pozner and know nothing of his life, other than the fact that it ended this last Friday at the age of six. Think about that for a minute, six years. I am sorry, but a lunatic does not get to decide if Noah’s being gets to end like that, I refuse to give him that victory.

Noah’s family and friends will have to grieve and live with the tragedy of his ending for the rest of their lives. I hope they get to a place someday where they can feel a smile ease across their face, when a memory walks passed them. It is a given that those that knew and loved this little boy will never forget him.

I am choosing today, right here and now, to join those that loved him. I vow to never forget Noah Pozner. Won’t you join me? Pick a name on the list from Newtown and vow to always remember. After this blog, I also vow to stop calling Noah a victim. Noah Pozner was a beautiful human being whose life was six years in length. For all I know, those six years might have contained more beauty and enlightenment than I have had in my fifty years on earth.

Noah Pozner existed, he was here with us, and now he is not. That is what I know, that is what I cannot change. What I can change is based on a name. I will never think or speak of the monster’s name again…or the monsters who came before him.

I will remember one name, until I remember no names.

His name is Noah Pozner.


30 responses to “His Name Is Noah Pozner.

  1. Thank you, Julya. I have chosen to remember 6 year old Jesse Lewis.

  2. I will remember Olivia Engel, a wiggly, smiley 6 year old, whose life ended too early because of evil in our world. I will pray for Olivia’s family and remember her name as long as I am able. Thanks for this reminder…

  3. Whoa! Absolutely loved this blog and I hope you send it to his parents. They need to know there are people who will never forget Noah. That he mattered.

  4. And he was a twin to Arielle who was in a different class.

  5. Corinne Carrigan

    My husband has chosen Emilie Parker to never forget.
    I will never for James Mattioli.

  6. I also made the choice to remember one name. It just so happens it was also Noah. His was the first face I saw of these precious children who left this world much too soon. Tomorrow is Noah’s funeral. I will spend a good part of my day thinking of him and his family. I will spend time on my knees tonight praying for Newtown, CT. Thank you Ju.

  7. Benjamin Wheeler.

  8. Wow! Beautifully stated. Thank you.

  9. Victoria Soto put her body between the gunman and her students. She’s a true heroine. She died saving her students. What a great lady.

  10. Thank you so much for this inspiring post. I made the choice to remember Grace McDonnell.

  11. very touching blog and thank you for writing it. I have chosen to remember this little boy Noah Pozner after speaking with my daughter the other night because when I saw his infectious smile and his cowlick he so reminded me of my precious grandson Tristan who is only 3. I cry just thinking how this precious baby was taken and how his parents must feel but cannot even imagine. I pray that All these affected families can find peace one day. And I don’t think I will ever forget Emilie Parker as well after watching her father handle that speech with such composure and strength. May God Bless them all! AMEN

  12. This is such an inspiring post. I love the idea of making a conscious effort to remember someone’s name other than the shooter, who died that day.

    I will remember Catherine Hubbard.

    I saw a picture of this adorable little red-headed girl (which makes me think of the Charlie Brown cartoons) on a new website yesterday and for some reason her face and sweet smile spoke to me.

    According to Time’s website, “Catherine was a 6-year-old first-grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Her parents released a statement thanking police and firemen and their close-knit community for their support after a family friend turned away reporters from their house. ‘We are greatly saddened by the loss of our beautiful daughter Catherine Violet, and our thoughts and prayers are with the other families who have been affected by this tragedy,’ the statement said. ‘We ask that you continue to pray for us and the other families who have experienced loss in this tragedy.’

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  14. Ana Marquez-Greene. Her adorable face with her curly hair and beautiful girly dress are imprinted in my mind forever. I will remember her name – always.

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  16. Thank you so much for this! I have chose Catherine Violet Hubbard. I vow to never forget her name…or her beautiful soul!!

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  18. You made me cry! Beautifully written!

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  20. Jack Pinto.

  21. Avie Richman– a little girl who liked kung fu and archery, whose family called her a “spitfire.” It’s a shame that the world will never know what should would have become.

  22. Wow! What a powerful idea. Thanks for sharing it and for remembering Noah.

  23. Because of her name, Allison Wyatt.

  24. Cassie Bernal was killed at Columbine. She was killed after she said that yes, she did believe in God.

    From Sandy Hook, I’ve chosen to remember Emilie Parker too.

  25. I chose to remember Noah Pozner as well. He has a twin sister and I am a mom of boy/girl twins, so his story was even more heartbreaking for me (if that is even possible). I have been thinking of him often over the holidays.

  26. I Chose to remember Noah Pozner too. Have been thingking about him eversince I saw the horrible news. It’s just too heartbreaking

  27. I think of so many of those little babies every day and I think of their families and how they are doing now that the attention is off of them. My 8 yr old and 11 year old did 26 acts of kindness one week after this tragedy and on each card we left, my kids left notes like, “you are loved” and “make someone smile today”. I hope it made a difference to those who got it. I know this tragedy and those lost have made a difference to me.

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    2 years ago today. #NeverForget

  29. Add another name:

    Ana Narquez-Greene

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