It’s All in a Song

Someone knocking at the door.  Somebody ringing the bell.  Someone knocking at the door.  Somebody’s ringing the bell.  Do me a favor, open the door and let ’em in.

I start this blog with the lyrics from Paul McCartney’s “Let “Em In” song for a reason.  Even musical geniuses can have a miss every once in a while.   The funny part though is I still love that song.  It reminds me of a trip I took  with my mother one time in 1977.  Songs can transport us back to another place and time.   Hell, I have such vivid recollections of memories with musical accompaniment that they come with smells!  If you are a steady reader of my blog you should have noticed by now that the pieces have song titles sprinkled in them.  I will be at my office or in my car and a song will come on the radio and I will write a blog entry in about 5-10 minutes….in my head…then once I get in front of my computer the words just come spilling out.  It’s all in the song.

All of us remember the songs played at our weddings or the class song played at the senior prom.  But I think I have some measure of savant syndrome…my expertise being an uncanny memory where music plays in the background of every scene.  I saw a 60 Minute episode recently where they found 6 people in the U.S. that have absolute recall….meaning they remember every detail of every minute of their life…it was unbelievable.  One of the confirmed people with this ability is the actress, Mary Lou Henner.  She can tell you what shirt she was wearing on March 3, 1983, where she was, what she was eating, etc.  In no way I am saying that I have that gift.  I am simply saying that I have decided my personal history is better with a soundtrack and for some reason have chosen to remember every note.  I am not saying the songs would make my top 20, they just happen to be the mental imprints that came with the day….my neuro-synapses took the jump to their beat.

Pizza eating days of my 10th summer?  That’s easy….Seals and Croft are singing Summer Breeze….and it did make me feel fine.

Practicing with my volleyball team at Hurst Jr. High in 1976?  That would be “Right Back to Where we Started From.”  Maxine Nightingale.

Driving with a car load of friends from high school graduation to a party at my parents’ lake house?  “Another One Bites the Dust”  Queen

Studying for law school final exam in 1996?  “No Diggity”  Blackstreet with Dr. Dre.  I break into a sweat every time I hear this, even now 15 years later….it equals STRESS.

I also associate songs with people in my life.  I have never told anyone this before…confession right here.  The songs are not commentary on the person or their personality…or their place in my life.  For example, my spouse Linda is forever in my mind as one tune I heard in 2000 about the time I met her.  There is nothing I can do to change this….Linda is forever linked to this melody.  The song is “Yellow” by Coldplay.  I friggin hate Coldplay.

I am listening to my new vice at my office while I write this blog today…Spotify.  It is a music sharing site that I have on all day as I work.  I had it playing a random selection of some downloaded songs that I like.  This blog and this five minutes will forever be linked with….”I Can’t Stand the Rain.” by the fabulous Tina Turner.

I will end with a mean trick.  I am about to give you a “brain worm.”  You know, like the song you hear the first thing in the morning that is stuck in you all day…you find yourself humming it and you don’t even like it!??  Yeah, one of those……I am giving you a brain worm so that forevermore you will remember this blog as being associated with it.  Well, maybe not for forever….but I will settle until about 6pm tonight.  I will end where I began…

Someones knockin at the door
Somebodys ringin the bell
Someones knockin at the door
Somebodys ringin the bell
Do me a favor,
Open the door and let em in
Sister suzie, brother john,
Martin luther, phil and don,
Brother michael, auntie gin,
Open the door and let em in.

Someones knockin at the door
Somebodys ringin the bell
Someones knockin at the door
Somebodys ringin the bell

Do me a favor,
Open the door and let em in.


One response to “It’s All in a Song

  1. So funny! Someones Knocking at the Door reminds me of my granny! We were driving to Colorado, in the daycare van! Lol! (You took a few trips in that van, too!) Anyway, that song was playing about every two hours on the radio, no matter where we were. My granny started laughing and said, “I sure do wish someone would open that damn door!” Such a granny thing, she always made us laugh!

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