In the beginning…

And so it begins.  I guess I had to finally find a place to throw all the random bullshit that runs through my head in a day.  Turns out WordPress is high on bullshit and doesn’t mind the diatribes, and daily assaults of anyone that can think of a four letter password and click enter.

Not looking for followers or haters.  Sometimes it is just good to toss stuff out there and see if anything sticks.  The catharsis I am looking for isn’t much different than anyone else out there…just to be heard, to be acknowledged…to be….in answer to Hamlet’s inquiry.

I try not to be angry all the time, but it really pisses me off that I fail in that regard.  This is an angry time, a time when Congress is fighting over health-care while Americans are dying for lack of it.  Not to mention senior citizens pondering whether to refill their prescriptions or pay the electric bill….don’t even think about that Luann platter at Luby’s grandma!

Did I mention why I named the blog, “Dyke in the Heart of Texas?”  I really don’t even like the word “dyke”, and have always had an aversion to “lesbian.”  I actually like to be called a queer…because that is how I feel most days….just different than the norm.  Which brings me to the new Southwest Airlines commercial “fags fly free.”  I know, I know …they say “bags” ..but I dare you not to hear it my way next time you see that you heard it here.  Oh yeah, the reason for the name of the blog.  Okay…routine ramblings of a queer woman living in a red state, with bullshit constantly running through her brain….it fits.

So there it is, the first post to my new blog.  The brevity is the direct result of a nine pound wiener resting on my right shoulder…but that is a whole other story.

6 responses to “In the beginning…

  1. Looking forward to more. 🙂

  2. Shannon Pritchard

    I love what you’ve done so far – makes me wish I was writing again.

    Maybe we should start a writing group!? I had a blog on Myspace for a while, writing about the mid-life crazies that most of my friends and I are experiencing – I even had some fans! Colleen is determined I should write a book, but I think it will have to be anonymous.

    Look forward to more!

  3. Linda (Denison) Sass

    This is the start of something big, Julya… Please keep up the good work! I am truly enjoying this…


  4. Good Start.

  5. Exciting! I can’t wait to read more!

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